Andrew owns The Claim Settlement Company - a business interruption (loss of profits) specialist firm that acts for insureds for fair claim settlement. He has been a business interruption (loss of profits) consultant for the last 14 years.  Previously Andrew worked as a CPA (Certified Practising Accountant, Australia) in the industry for 10 years and he has BA (Acc) and MBA (AGSM Sydney) qualifications.

His key work motivation is helping businesses:

  • Get their correct entitlements under the business interruption (loss of profits) policy and

  • Recover quickly from disruptions such as fire and natural disaster. 

Prior to business interruption (loss of profits), Andrew worked as an accountant and finance manager for ten years in the oil and gas, building, and electricity industries.

Andrew’s business interruption (loss of profits) experience covers a diverse range of industries, claim size, disruption event type and geography for example:  

  • Retail: Hotel groups, food and hospitality, high street retailers, resorts.

  • Manufacturing:  Food, print, clothing, packaging, marine, tooling, industrial fabrication, wool scourers, recyclers.

  • Energy, property, finance, landlords, importers and wholesalers, engineering, professional firms, media, logistics, clubs, auto, travel agents.

  • Hospitals, schools and education providers.

  • New Zealand, Australia and Fiji. 

  • Claims from less than ten thousand to more than ten million dollars. 

  • Assistance from the day of the event to the day of claim finalisation and settlement. 

From the 4th September 2010 when the first of the recent Christchurch earthquakes hit, Andrew has been close to the epicentre of hundreds of earthquake business interruption (loss of profits) claims. 

Andrew’s philosophy to successful claims settlement is

  • Drawing on his claims experience.

  • Listening.

  • Bringing together the uniqueness of each business, disruption and the policy wording. 

Andrew assists brokers in pre-loss business interruption (loss of profits) policy work in areas including setting sums insured and writing and presenting training seminars.