Achieve your correct business interruption entitlement. As claims preparers, we are independent and we work for you to ensure a fair claim settlement.

When you need to make a business interruption insurance claim, it’s logical that you’d want to get the fairest outcome you can. Unfortunately, as with many legal documents, there are differing ways of interpreting an insurance contract, and more importantly the amount of loss you might have suffered.

That’s why The Claim Settlement Co. exists. We're claim preparers who work on your behalf to help you reach a fair settlement with your insurer.

We help from the first day of loss through to settlement.

We believe that you need an expert on your side of the debate from the start. Someone to champion your cause. It’s not about trying to extract money out of insurance companies. It’s about reaching a fair settlement. A settlement that is reasonable for both parties. 

Talk to us today about how we can help you.