7 Reasons To Choose The Claim Settlement Company

1. Fair outcome – Our philosophy is about reaching a fair settlement.  

2. We act for you the business – For example where there is ambiguity in the policy wording and estimates required we will give you the benefit of the doubt. We advocate in your best interests and will make sure that your side of the story is clear and properly documented. 

3. Independent - We don’t have alliances which makes us totally independent and free of agendas. This means you can be assured of straight up communication and advice. 

4. Partnership – It is your claim and you know your business. Our partnership philosophy means listening and working with you and your broker. We jointly explore what your losses are and how to prove them. Our partnership approach includes loss adjusters and insurers because this achieves a better outcome for you.

5. 14 years of experience - Insurance policy documentation is written in black and white. Unfortunately policy response to claims can be grey. Our experience in claims preparation provides the best advice to navigating the policy wording and entitlements.

6. Covered costs - In most cases the cost of getting us to work on your claim is covered by your insurance policy. 

7. No obligation call – There is no point engaging us before you are confident that we can assist you. That’s why your first call or meeting with us to discuss your situation is at no cost so you can determine if we can be of assistance.